Man, who didn’t like the unique library with 7 floors, the somewhat awkward solo spot, the museum, the bus ride, the tour of the beautiful SFU campus, and the INDIAN FOOD!!! ūüėÄ

The beautiful architecture in SFU where the graduation ceremony is held at.
One of the many examples of the amazing architecture in SFU. Also where the graduation ceremony is held at!

On October 30th, 2014, TALONS set out on an adventure to SFU! This included going to the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, a solo spot, walking around SFU, eating at an Indian buffet, more walking around for the tour, and going to the library. I thought I was going to learn more about all of SFU, like the history and important advice. As well as learning more about my eminent person, Paula Radcliffe, and experiencing new things!

The museum showcased a variety of things like props inspired by Harry Potter, totem poles, masks, little sculptures,¬†items made from animals (ex: jewelry made from animal bones), paintings, and a beautiful huge piece of wood…! It was interesting to see all these different things and I really liked looking at the totem poles and Harry Potter related items. I love totem poles because they just looks so antique and all totem poles have a really great story behind them. The House Spider showcased with the Harry Potter items scared me so much, but the owls made up for it because they were all so fluffy!

Then came my first experience of a solo spot in TALONS, how exciting! From what I learned, a solo spot is just when people spread apart from each other, and you just stand or sit there in silence for around 15 minutes, not talking or goofing off to other TALONS learners from across the hall. You try not to use any source of technology for 15 minutes straight, and just examine the place around you quietly and reflect. I actually really enjoyed this because it was very calming, and of course I had to choose the vending machines to stand by because food is love, food is life. They have really big bags of chips….just saying! I spent the 15 minutes just looking at the architecture of SFU, looking at the vending machines and getting hungry, watching people refill their water bottles, eavesdropping¬†on¬†people’s conversations (don’t say you didn’t do that also…), watching Mr. Jackson walk back and forth and back and forth, and wondering what would happen if I got lost. I also examined the people walking past me and wondered what they thought I¬†was doing, either deciding what I wanted to buy from the vending machine for 15 minutes straight, or thinking why is there a random¬†8 year old just standing there¬†in SFU!

It’s Indian food time! The Himalayan Peak Restaurant buffet was amazing! The rice, curry, and naan bread was breathe-taking, amazingness. Words can’t¬†express how good the rice was…! It was also a great opportunity to socialize with the people sitting around you.

Next came the tour around the SFU campus. I was really looking forward to this because I plan to attend at SFU in the future, so it was a great opportunity to explore around, get to know the main components of the vast area, learn more about the University life, and to get some advice (AKA: life savers). I loved how some of the main components of SFU have some meaning to it, especially like the Reflection Pond, which was probably my favourite part from the tour. It showcases tranquility, and everyone needs peaceful moments in their life.

A sideways picture of all the wonderful colours of the library
A sideways picture of all the wonderful colours of the library

Finally, the last part of this journey was going to the library to find information about your Eminent Person Study Project. I get very lost, very quickly, so I had no clue where the books were and it took a long time for me to figure out the map…! But once I found where the book was, I realized it was about Ann Radcliffe, not Paula Radcliff, so that was a disappointment. By the time I realized that, it was pretty much too late to try to find another book, so I just decided to just¬†explore around. I actually really liked this library because most of the books looked like they were so antique, since most books were leather bound. It was as if I was at a 7 floor thrift shop filled with beautiful looking¬†books. Even though I could barely pronounce some of the titles of these books and that I didn’t find any information on my eminent person, it was still such a unique experience!

Picture showing that there were many, many, many books there
Picture showing that there were many, many, many books there

After¬†this whole adventure, I realized that I did learn a bunch of new knowledge about SFU and got to experience and explore¬†many different¬†things, but I learned nothing new about Paula Radcliffe…which is a bummer, but I think it was worth it since I got to explore the wonders of the library! I think the overall theme of the trip was¬†exploring because that is basically what I did the whole trip, explore the whole SFU campus and library.

I hope you had as much fun as I had during this little field trip, thanks for reading, sorry for my rambling, and of course stay golden!