"When nothing goes right......just go left"

What Are The Final Stages Left? (In-Depth #6)

Where has the time gone? There’s only one month left before In-Depth night! I’m amazed at how fast this year has flew by, it’s almost May, the last two months before school ends! This month is going to be hectic, especially with the Adventure Trip coming up very soon. There will be a lot of last minute planning for both the Adventure Trip and In-Depth night. I would say my.. Read More

Progressing More And More (In Depth #5)

It’s already April and there’s only one more month until In Depth Night, I can’t believe it! Since my last In-Depth post, I’ve been able to meet up with Andy, my mentor only 3 times unfortunately. I met up with Andy on March 12th for around 2.5 hours. During Spring Break, I was only able to meet with Andy once because he was on vacation. He came back on March 24th.. Read More

Things Are Taking Off (In-Depth #4)

This has been long overdue, but I finally met with my mentor twice in the past two weeks!!! Each session was around 2 hours and I learned a lot of new things about basketball that I didn’t know before. The first time we met, we introduced each other and got to know each other a lot more. I asked him a lot of questions about basketball and his experience with.. Read More

Finally Found a Mentor (In-Depth #3)

After asking one person to another, I finally found someone who is willing to mentor me in basketball! I’ve been asking more people to be my mentor this past week, and one of them finally agreed to being my mentor. Most people I’ve asked were either too busy or never replied back to me. I’m so relieved that I finally have a mentor after so long! My mentor is Andy Guan, who.. Read More

Blast From the Past and Burst Into the Future (DOL #1)

Socials has officially taken off this year! We started off the new semester by discussing what the course will look like, what topics we need to cover, and what topics we want to learn about. We also wrote in our journals about what interests and challenges we have, what we wanted to learn, and what we want to be able to do and discuss about, skill and content wise. Then,.. Read More

Struggling to Progress (In-Depth #2)

A couple of weeks has passed now, and I’ve realized that I really got to get my head in the game and start working harder to progress on my In-Depth! I still have not managed to get someone to mentor me for basketball! However, I have been trying to teach myself some basketball skills. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on how to dribble and shoot correctly. I even watched.. Read More

Intro to Basketball (In-Depth #1)

This year for In-Depth, I chose to do basketball. I had a hard time picking something that I really want to work on for In-Depth because of multiple reasons. I was originally planning on doing CrossFit with Christal, but the practice days didn’t work out for me because they clashed with my Leadership Committee meetings and rugby practices. And the CrossFit classes were more expensive than I wanted them to be… Read More

A Leader in the Community Interview

“Who is a leader in the community?” I thought to myself as I was deciding who to interview for this leadership project. I ended up deciding to interview Justin Chan, who is 24 years old and goes to SFU. He is the leader of the Pinetree Youth Leadership Committee, that Christine and I attend. Since we’re both in the committee, we thought it would be a good idea to interview him together, and.. Read More

One Love Superwoman, That is a Wrap, and Zoop! (NotN Reflection)

“Pink…pink…pink…covered, rainbow sprinkled donut…” -Nicole Huang 2015 The Night of the Notables is always something that I will remember. A time where I step out of my comfort zone. A time where I will showcase what I’ve been doing for the past two months. A time to spend with friends and cherish the memories. Well would you look at that, Eminent is over now! What! It has been very hectic.. Read More

Bibliography for iisuperwomanii

A lot of the sites are Lilly’s YouTube videos, especially her daily vlogs since she tells so much in her vlogs, like how much of a role model Dwayne Johnson is to her, or how she felt after hitting 7 million subscribers. 1) “Lilly Singh.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilly_Singh I personally think Wikipedia is always a good source to go to whenever you need basic.. Read More